The Internet Foundation - Review Notes, First Impressions


The overall time scale is less than a minute. The customer needs are in years, decades and longer.

Transient Chat, Ten Word Box, Fixed Size and No User Control - for their purposes only, sales, chat disappears while you are typing. 

Pages co-opted by cell phone layouts.  Poor use of images.  Low page information content.  Inconsistent navigation style.  Lack of focus. 

"About us" does not document the company, its structure and purposes.  Co-opted by marketing.

Registrar, Content Serving, Communication, (Consulting?), (Methods research?)

Survey form poorly designed, does not look good, does not work, asks the wrong questions.  Information gathered by chat, or survey form, or phone or other means should be reflected to give the customers and the world a view of NS and of themselves.

Session Timeout poorly designed and thoughtless.

Blog does not give author backgrounds.  Outrageous material with no links or supporting materials.

I asked by chat because I wanted to get an answer by chat. Giving me a phone number means the systems are not integrated - the phone team is separate from the chat team.

Chat sessions ended abruptly by "operator".  No "anything else I can do to help". No "I will guide you through the corporate maze and help you get an answer."  More "I have my job and that is all I am going to do."  No, "I represent the whole company."